So, I tried. I tried to like working in the corporate world. I went to North Carolina State University(NCSU) for an undergraduate degree in Communication with a concentration in Public Relations. After graduation, I took a break and travelled. I had a blast! I worked in London for a while and met some great Australian folks and took off with them to travel through Egypt and Israel. I backpacked through these countries until I could not look at ruins anymore, but it was amazing getting to that point! I left the Aussies and headed to a Greek island, Santorini. I lived and worked on the island from March to September. I’ll just say fabulous and beautiful! I then took Eurail through all of Europe for a month and headed back to Santorini for a month (I had met someone).  But, all good things must come to an end, so I took the “Magic Bus” through Turkey and headed back to London and then back home.  Now, It was time to get serious about being an adult. So, I moved back to Raleigh and went to graduate school, again at NCSU. During graduate school, I worked at a local retirement home. I helped to manage the nursing department.  I maintained all of the guest’s medical records (200+ people), made all of the external medical appointments, maintained all payroll and scheduling for employees, among other duties. Meanwhile, going full-time to graduate school.  I had to complete an internship, so I went to Manhattan and worked at Liz Claiborne, Dress Division.  I got to experience a few things on my bucket list.  For instance, I got to run a rack full of dresses down 7th Avenue, just like in a movie. Ok, so after 1 year, I longed for a dog and a backyard, so I came back to Raleigh to complete graduate school. Toward the end of my school days (although we never stop education), I got a job at IBM selling computers.  I had a great run in this position, mainly because it was like my own little business.  My clients shared my information with their friends and I hit the high numbers. I was offered a position selling point of sale systems in Cincinnati, but I did not want to move. So, once I completed my Masters of Technology in International Development degree, I changed positions at IBM and became a Human Resources Consultant. In essence, I helped to set up call centers that helped employees with information on benefits. I traveled a lot in this position, training HR personnel and call center representatives how to use the system.  In this role, I started to work with the technicians maintaining the system to fix technical problems when they occurred. I also created a job of maintaining all the equipment and tracking updates to the software and hardware for the sales and consultant professionals. After 5 years,  I moved on and went to work for a .com company, Koz.com. I was the Professional Training Manager at this company that created online community groups for newspaper, radio and television stations as community leaders. I travelled all over the country and even got to go to London and Amman, Jordan.  As you know, many of the .com companies did not make it, we fell into that pool. So, once I got laid off, I decided to reinvent myself. As I said, I tried.

And I have not stopped trying! I struggled through the next 15 years while working at an awesome local restaurant, Humble Pie.  During this time, I attended Aveda in Chapel Hill and became an Esthetician.  I chose this career because I wanted the freedom of working for myself and working out of my home.  Because I did not want to sit all day at a computer and I had grown up in the time of no sunscreen, I devoted myself to skincare.  Also, skincare is an ever-changing and growing field and I wanted something that would encourage me to continue to better myself while teaching those around me. However, my dream of creating a spa in my home was delayed by, at first, a house fire. This event lead to a series of unfortunate events.  I had 3 car accidents and 2 major finger injuries, among a few other incidences. Finally, I moved back into my home on the actual day of the fire a year before.  A few months later, a tornado hit my home.  The good part was, I won the insurance lottery and got to remodel the inside and outside of my home. Throughout all of this upheaval, I continued my educational efforts to hone my craft and start my practice. 

I have been treating a few clients through the years and I have left all other endeavors to pursue the expansion of my practice.  My spa is in the basement area of my home. There is a separate entrance and I have been permitted by the city to have my business in my home.  Another chapter of my life has begun and I could not be happier.