“Together we can age gracefully” is not just a tag line, but a lifestyle that I have developed for myself and strive to deliver to my clients.  I believe in progressive, but not aggressive skin care.  After developing type 1 diabetes at the age of 10, I learned that the body can heal itself if you work with, but not against, its natural functions. I have brought that philosophy to the services and products that I offer at Home Grown Spa, including microcurrent and lymphatic drainage. 

Because of this knowledge, I attended Aveda in 2006 to learn more about skin health in order to help others understand how to work with the body to age gracefully. This profession is so interesting because the education never stops and the ability to help my clients understand what is going on within the skin is how I take care of the world (at least in my own little corner). Prior to becoming an Esthetician, I worked my way through graduate school at NCSU, travelled the world backpacking, and worked my way through most every job in the corporate world. I realized that I wanted to continually learn and pass the knowledge on to enrich the lives of others.

Through my continued education, the philosophy of Home Grown Spa developed into working within the body to achieve more youthful skin.  I learned that the muscles of the face are the only muscles in the body attached to the skin in order for us to be able to make expressions. Therefore, I started working with Microcurrent to tone the muscles and create more of the cellular energy (ATP).  This process will promote protein synthesis which will produce more collagen and elastin to tighten the skin.  Thus, offering my clients a homeopathic answer to Botox and fillers. 

I also offer full body detoxification treatments because your skin does not stop at the neck. Lymphatic drainage will assist the body in getting rid of the excess proteins. toxins, and chemicals that affect the organs which will eventually show on the skin (the largest organ in the body). 

These naturally repairing treatments are a way of life and I offer my clients a way to enjoy a monthly treatment to achieve and maintain younger looking skin on the face and body. I offer a subscription plan that gives you a monthly treatment at a reduced price and a monthly Brunch and learn party where I educate my club on skin physiology, equipment or ingredients. Join my club and let’s grow together to achieve a healthy body inside and out.

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