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Microdermabrasion(Face and Body)
The Everything Facial
Ultrasonic Cavitation/Radio Frequency
Full Body Detoxification
Radio Frequency
Infrared Sauna

What is the difference between Home Grown Spa and other spas in the area?

Because I want to offer my clients effective treatments that actually show immediate results:

  1. I give nearly double the treatment time than other spas in the area at the same or lower price! I include everything needed within that service to achieve the client's goals. 
  2. I spend all the time needed with the client to analyze the skin, health, daily practices and medical issues in order to safely and effectively address personalized skin care goals

Why should you visit Home Grown Spa?

I have a passion for making people feel relaxed, pampered and beautiful. It is also important to me that my clients achieve their goals for skin and health. It is my responsibility to keep up on current skin care treatments, equipment, and skin care ingredients so that I can safely and effectively guide my clients toward these goals. Therefore, constant education is required. My goal is to learn and grow along with my clients and to educate you on how the skin works and how innovations in the skin care industry can personally help or harm you in aging gracefully.

What are people saying about Home Grown Spa?

"The owner was courteous, knowledgeable, and proficient. I don't usually visit home businesses, but this came as a recommendation. I must say that her setup was very professional, and she immediately demonstrated her expertise as we discussed various treatments and explained their benefits. I don't think she made any recommendations that were just to make money; she has a genuine commitment to improving people's well-being. Her pries were very reasonable, and her mastery of the skills were impressive. I highly recommend her to any person seeking high-quality skin care. I have been speaking with my friends to gauge interest in hosting a party there because I think ay woman could benefit from this level of pampering and skill."  Michelle

"You can tell Home Grown Spa is a labor of love! Janice is so knowledgeable, she knows every single ingredients in each of the products she uses, what the ingredient does and why it's suitable for your skin. Her products made my skin feel so clean-I swear it feels bouncy! Thanks so much!" Sarah 

"I always look forward to my visits at Home Grown spa! Janice has a soothing and thorough touch. She offers a wide variety of services, and is very accommodating and knowledgeable of what I need for my skin type. I enjoy her product line because it makes my face look and feel soft, supple and smooth even as the weather becomes more dry. I will definitely be seeing her again soon!"  Jennifer

"Just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the treatments that you have done on me at your beautiful spa.  First of all, your spa is so peaceful and inviting!  It is just a lovely spa. I can see huge results from the procedures you performed on me, including microcurrent and LED, along with the glycolic and enzyme peels that you administered.  My skin is so much tighter and brighter and almost all the sunspots have disappeared!  I couldn't be happier! :) Also, your skincare line is amazing.  I'm so impressed with the products that I have tried so far including the HomeGrown Supreme Serum and Marine moisturizer. And, the HomeGrown sunscreen is the best I've ever experienced. I couldn't be happier with all the results I have achieved from your services. Thanks so much!" Lorraine


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