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The Everything Facial  1 hour 30 minutes $85
I offer one facial because I include everything you need to make you feel pampered and camera ready! I will not try to sell you add-ons while you are on the table. I include deep cleansing, enzymes with a brush and ultrasonic spatula, steam, extractions, and a nourishing and detoxifying mask with a lymphatic drainage massage of the face, neck and chest.
This facial is customized for acne, anti-aging, sensitive and rosacea clients.  
The following additions will further enhance your desired results:

Add Microdermabrasion                  $75
   - Face, Neck and Chest
   - Feet and elbows                        $30

Add Chemical Peel                           $30
Add Microcurrent (face and neck)   $100
   - Includes LED therapy
Infrared Sauna                                $15

Peeling Back the Years  60 minutes $75
Peels are a great way to achieve certain goals for your skin. I offer 2 types of peels according to skin condition and type. A Glycolic peel will reduce visibility of pores and help reverse sun damage. A salicylic peel will address acne, oil production and the appearance of large pores.   
The following additions will further enhance your desired results:

Add one of these peels to any facial   $30
Add Microcurrent (face and neck)      $100
   - Includes LED therapy
Buy a series of 5 and get one for free, save $75!  That's 6 for $375!

Back Facial 1 hour 30 minutes $95
Want to reveal your sexy side this evening? This "back-cial" provides all the services of the Rejuvenating Facial for the back. A deeply relaxing massage will relax you and let your skin glow. This decadent back-cial will put you in the spotlight!
An LED panel will be added to this treatment for free!!
The following additions will further enhance your desired results:
Add Microdermabrasion                   $75
Add Chemical Peel                            $40

Best Selling High-Tech Facials 
Microcurrent is  a pain-less, no down-time, non-surgical facelift option to achieve or keep your youthful complexion and muscle tone. The cells of the human body produce an electrical current which is nearly identical to the current used in Microcurrent. I am using the Jade Microcurrent facial and body sculpting technology that uses specifically designed conducting wands applied to the muscles of the face to achieve a lifting and re-education of the muscles to offer a rejuvenated and lasting look of youth. When done in a series, this process increases and stores the chemical fuel of the human cells (ATP) and creates and maintains an increase in collagen and elastin, improved skin tone and coloration, the reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and sun spots, and the firming of sagging areas of the face and body. With each treatment, ATP levels are stored, which is why Microcurrent Facial Treatment results are cumulative and become better as a series of treatments progress. Jade Esthetic Facial Sculpting will show good results with only one treatment which is great for a special event. However, to re-educate the muscles with lasting results, a series is necessary.
An LED panel will be added to this treatment for free!!
Face and Neck with lymphatic drainage
80 minutes          $100
Add to any facial $100
Buy 6 and get one free, that's 7 for $600 (Save $100)


Microdermabrasion is a painless, low-risk skin resurfacing procedure. This treatment gently polishes away the top layer of dead skin cells to reveal healthy new skin that looks and feels smoother.  This type of exfoliation stimulates collagen growth so fine lines and wrinkles are diminished.  Large or clogged pores, dull skin and sun spots are improved, especially with regular treatments.  Products, such as treatment creams and serums, are more easily absorbed and more effective after a microdermabrasion treatment. This procedure is very effective when combined with other protocols, such as LED or Microcurrent.  You will see an immediate effect after one microdermabrasion treatment, but to achieve certain results, you will need as many as 6-9 treatments done once every 10-14 days.

Face, Neck, and Chest 1 hour 30 minutes      $95 (Buy a series of 6 or more, get 1 free and SAVE $95)
Back    1 hour 30 minutes                               $95 (Buy a series of 6 or more, get one free and SAVE $95) 
Elbows and Feet  30 minutes                          $40
Add Chemical or Enzyme Peel                         $30 (if appropriate for skin)

LED Photo Rejuvenation Therapy 45 minutes $45
Alone or as an add-on to most facials, this innovative treatment can benefit any skin type and deliver dramatic results. Originally developed by NASA, this therapy works by sending low emission impulses of light onto the skin and are used to treat various skin problems such as acne, aged skin, hyperpigmentation, rosacea and broken capilaries. The energy delivered by the light emitting diodes (LEDs) enhances cellular metabolism.  This, in turn, stimulates the body to build new collagen, increase circulation and improve the functioning of the lymphatic system.  The result is younger, healthier looking skin. The standard treatment is a series of six treatments performed every 7–10 days. Clients typically begin to see results after the second or third treatment. I recommend maintenance of 1 treatment every 6 weeks depending on the skin condition and goals. 
Included in some facials as a bonus!

Buy a series of 6 for $270 and get 1 for free! (SAVE $45)

Body Treatments 1hour 30 minutes
Taking care of your skin does not stop at your neck! Many people don’t realize that the skin on our bodies can suffer the same damaging environmental effects as our face. Frequent professional body treatments are as necessary as regular facials to maintain optimum skin health. Home Grown Spa's signature purifying, exfoliating, and detoxifying body treatments are some of the most effective ways to cleanse, balance, and hydrate the skin. In addition, these treatments will address imbalances such as sluggish metabolism, dull skin, digestive issues, lack of energy from high stress, and accumulated toxins in the body and lymphatic (filtering) systems. The combination of spa and home care can aid in the prevention of premature aging and restore your natural healthy glow.

Steam Table Treatments 
As you relax in the Steamy Wonder Spa™, your body is actually working hard to eliminate toxins and burn fat. Weight loss becomes possible because body fat becomes water soluble at 110 degrees and the body can sweat out fats, toxins, and heavy metals. During a heat treatment your heart works harder pumping blood at a greater rate to boost circulation, supplying the conditioning benefits of continuous exercise. Heart rate, cardiac output and metabolic rate increase. Because the metabolism rate increases during the Steamy Wonder™ treatment you are burning calories, not just water!

Steam table as an addition to any other service, 30-45 minutes, $25
This service includes shower, nourishing herbal lotion
Buy a series of 10 and get 1 free (SAVE $25)!

Infrared Sauna Treatment, 40 minutes $25, $15 with other service
The light waves of an infrared sauna emulate the rays of the sun and penetrate tissue, joints, and muscles. Also, because these waves are heating the body from the inside, it s possible to remain inside longer and achieve greater benefits than with a conventional sauna. Expect the following benefits from infrared sauna sessions: anti-aging skin effects, total body detoxification and skin purification, pain management, weight loss, improved circulation and lowered blood pressure, wound healing, and cellular health. 
This service includes shower, nourishing herbal lotion and aloe vera hair treatment.
Buy a series of 10 and get 1 free (SAVE $25)!

Total Detoxification Package, 90 minutes, $100
This treatment is the ultimate body detoxification and exfoliation.  I start with dry body brushing that starts the toxins flowing out of the body. Then, electrically-assisted lymphatic drainage gives the body an extra boost to rid the toxins. A generous layer of pure seaweed is applied to the body which is driven deeper with the electrical current. Seaweed contains a massive variety of health-promoting components. It is a rich source of essential minerals, such as, magnesium, calcium, copper, potassium, selenium, zinc, iodine, and iron. It is a treasure trove of antioxidants, phyto-nutrients, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, and omega-3 fatty acids. The last phase is to pull the toxins out of the skin, the largest organ in the body, with either a Rosemary and Mint salt scrub or Dead Sea mud mask followed by a full-body steam or infrared sauna treatment. You'll take a warm shower to wash toxins off the skin. if your choice is a mud mask, you will get a f
ull-body application of 82% organic herbal lotion will make your newly exfoliated and fresh body nourished and glowing! The moisturizing and exfoliating salt scrub will leave your skin glowing and nourished out of the shower. 

Full-Body Salt Scrub, 60 Minutes, $75 
Experience the enriched natural oils of Avocado, Jojoba and Soybean to hydrate parched weathered skin in my Rosemary and Mint Dead Sea scrub. Dead Sea Salts are added to this formula to gently and effectively exfoliate your delicate skin.  Ginseng Extract and Balm Mint Extract are known for their revitalizing properties while Watercress Extract is known to have a high content of Vitamin A.  Rosemary and Spearmint will revive and refresh your skin.  You'll get a full-body exfoliation with the dry brushing and salt scrub. Steam will be added to drive the healing ingredients deeper and add extreme exfoliation and detoxification. Finish with a warm shower. Skin is left glowing and soft and your body will feel clean inside and out!

Full-Body Earth and Sea Mud Mask, 60 Minutes, $75
This treatment is the same as the full body salt scrub, but with Earth and Sea Mud Mask. This mask is loaded with Algae, Sea Kelp, Gota Kola, Carrot extract, Grapefruit seed, and dead sea salts to purify, firm, heal, exfoliate, and condition the skin. Finish with a warm shower and full-body application of a delicious 82% organic herbal lotion. This lotion is made up of soothing Organic Aloe, Lavender and Chamomile, with rich Organic Coconut and Hemp Oils, plus supportive Organic Rose, Green Tea, Milk Thistle, Blue Green Algae and so much more.